Impianti di lavaggio a ultrasuoni, vasche di lavaggio ad ultrasuoni, macchine lavametalli ad acqua e a solvente, impianti di fosfatazione, impianti galvanici, lavatrici industriali e macchine di sgrassaggio.

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Our ultrasound tanks are realized by using the best technologies at disposal on the market. These high performance ultrasounds allow to get high cavitation level at every condition of use, using low power transducers, that can be flanged, plunged or applied directly. The direct application of the sonotrodi to the sheet is available only for little tanks. The control circuits can be placed on the tank border or on a separated electric panel. There’s no limits about dimensions, forms and accessories.
Some example of little and medium ultrasonic cleaning tanks:
Vasche_2 Vasche_3
Ultrasound tank for buttons, laboratories,

little handmade products, metallic hardware.

Ultrasound tank for mechanical

components after chips removing.

Some example of large ultrasonic cleaning tanks:
Vasche_6 Vasche_7
Ultrasound tank for naval engine Ultrasound tank for rubber mould/matrix
Some example of automatic ultrasonic cleaning tanks:
Ultrasound tank for grinding naval engine