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Spray Washing machines

Cabina a spruzzo_1
The spray washing systems CB and TNL series are apt to degrease medium and big pieces. The cleaning action is performed by water and detergent sprays, positioned in the right way to reach the pieces at high speed. The articles to clean are put in basket or on a table. When they enter the washing cabin, they rotate in the horizontal plan or, in the case of a tunnel, they advance steps by steps or in a continuous way. So doing, all the surfaces go past the spray devices for an homogeneous washing quality.
The treatment ramps are fed by a liquid that comes from the accumulation tanks, under the work station. According to the cleaning requests, these machines can be equipped with more treatment stations, for example, rinsing and drying.
Our spray washing machines are apt to clean:
  • Metals in maintenance
  • Moulds.
  • Rolling
  • Engine components
  • Pieces in review
  • Pieces after tool machines use
  • Stems and bins that are dirty by hydrocarbons
Tunnel a spruzzo
Belt conveyor degreasing machine
Cestone cabina  Caricatore cabina
Tunnel lavaggio tubi  Vista ugelli tunnel passo passo