Impianti di lavaggio a ultrasuoni, vasche di lavaggio ad ultrasuoni, macchine lavametalli ad acqua e a solvente, impianti di fosfatazione, impianti galvanici, lavatrici industriali e macchine di sgrassaggio.

Under vacuum degreasing machines

PADA is pleased to present its vacuum solvent metal washing machines and vacuum water metal washing machines.This plant enlarges our already wide  metal washing machines offer and complete our proposal for industrial washing machines.
It is built according to the latest safety regulations and represents the most evolved the market today can offer. It is also available in many versions, thus allowing to cover all the needs of those who produce metal parts, even in high quality.

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Fully vacuum solvent metal washing machines

- Basket mm 200 x 300 x 150 h Load 30 Kg
- Basket mm 300 x 450 x 200 h Load 50 Kg
- Basket mm 550 x 360 x 260 h Load 100 Kg
- Basket mm 1200 x 450 x 300 h Load 400 Kg
- Basket mm 800 x1200 x 800 Load 800 Kg
The wash cycle and the accessory phases is completely a vacuum cycle, and the continuous distillation of the solvents, allows to easily separate the solvent by pollutants, with minimal products consumption.
The integration of the cooling systems in the body of our metal washer makes unnecessary to install the chiller, thus saving space and investment. The machine also has no need of water for its operation and therefore, maximising the reduction of environmental discharges.
Our metal washers are especially suited for the degreasing of small machined parts, with neat oil or emulsion.


Small parts washed with PADA metal washer


Small parts washed with PADA metal washer

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