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Rotating basket degreasing machines

The Water Life series are machines with a unique upload and download station. They work with static or rotating baskets. Their innovating concept allows to reach short but efficient treatment cycles.
Compared to the filling and emptying machines:
  • No troubles for the ultrasounds tank degassing.
  • Shorter cycle.
  • Little size.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Less mixing of the liquids.
  • Lower costs.
  • Lower energy waste.
  1. Rotating basket-holder.
  2. Ultrasounds generator.
  3. Control panel.
  4. Cleaning tanks access.
  5. Uploading tanks connection.
  6. Downloading tanks connection.
  7. Sprays filtration.
  8. Input and output basket leads.
The basket enters the basket-holder. The machine is in B position. Start-up of the ultrasound cycle. The basket-holder is plunged and the bulkhead covers the rinsing tank. At the end of the cycle the basket-holder is raised in A position and the bulkhead is under it to collect the sprayed liquid. All these steps have an adjustable duration. On demand, tha machine can be equipped with a hydrokinetic washing station.
  1. Spray isolation bulkhead.
  2. Rotating basket-holder.
  3. Ultrasound tanks.
  4. Plug rinsing tank.
  5. Blowing turbine and steam aspirator.
  6. Pumps-holders and oil separator.
  7. Rinsing spray and blowing air.
  8. Ultrasound cleaning station.
  9. Upload/download, rinsing and drying station.