Impianti di lavaggio a ultrasuoni, vasche ad ultrasuoni, macchine lavametalli ad acqua e a solvente, impianti di fosfatazione, impianti galvanici e lavatrici industriali in genere anche speciali.

Our history

The story of our production began with the construction of injectors washing machines. The high quality cleaning requests needed the improvement and the experimentation of sophisticated treatment cycles and the realization of an high risk types of machine.
Accepting and winning this challenge, we build many cleaning systems with guarantee of residual, according to the NAS 1638 rules. The experience in that sector allowed us to face up other attested cleaning systems in every field with great success. The increasing of our core business and of our sense of experimentation in new technologies allow us to find new clients to cooperate with. So that we could search the better solution to different problems that hadn’t good results up to now, i. e., the water and detergent cleaning of polished brass handles and trimming or the transparent cataphoresis painting installations.
Getting to our background and to our president great experience, now we produce also galvanic rectifiers, reverse osmosis demineralizers, galvanic and anodizing systems to equip our cleaning machines.
Focus on to our ultrasound production. We weren’t satisfy with the products on the market and so we began a very deep research. Now we produce high level ultrasound washing machines, transducers and ultrasound tanks.
After the project and the realization of the Cavitometro for the cavitation measure, we begun to study transducers and generators. With low power (expressed in watt per litre) we get excellent cleaning results. We are also able to measure the cavitation level and to manage it in a retroactive way (to feedback it).