Impianti di lavaggio a ultrasuoni, vasche di lavaggio ad ultrasuoni, macchine lavametalli ad acqua e a solvente, impianti di fosfatazione, impianti galvanici, lavatrici industriali e macchine di sgrassaggio.

Degreasing plants

Macchine flussaggio gear boxes
Gear boxes flushing machine
The step by step rotary table washing machines SYNCHRO HR series are ideal for the washing, brushing and smearing of complex components that require cleaning high standards according to specific regulations. The configuration with download and upload positions (coincident or next) allows these machines to be uploaded or downloaded by robot or by hand. Every step of this rotary table matches to a different operation. The machines perform the spray cleaning at medium or high pressure, and then the blowing, rinsing  and drying cycle. It’s also possible to associate this treatments with brushing and deburring cycle. Their little size and their flexibility are two of the main features of these installations, that can be re-equipped and set up again in a little space of time, when you have to change the type of pieces to wash.

Tavola rotante
Rotary table
The tunnel flushing machines CB FL series can be used in all the applications that require the degreasing and the cleaning of hydraulic ducts in every form, size and material.
The specific residual guarantee is achieved through an unruly movement in the duct to treat. In this way, the particles are removed by the fluid transportation. The CB FL series installations are flexible and user friendly thanks to the possibility to set the pressures and the flushing capacities, as well as the exterior washing of the pieces by medium or high spray pressure at the same time.
Pieces with a complex geometry can be made rotated in a vertical plan during the operation of exterior flushing and washing. This allows the detergent re-change in difficult zones and also the detachment of the inorganic residual by gravity. The machines work with water and detergent or with hydrocarbons and they can realize different treatment cycles. The flushing stations end their cycle with a cleaning control and test procedure.

Lavatrice idrocineticaHydrokinetic cleaning machine
To wash large items, or that can be accumulated in basket, PADA produces big size hydrokinetic cleaning systems, called Hydro Plus. The machines are composed by two or three steps of treatment and are useful to wash pallet, sheet metal and hydraulic components with deep holes and so on. Their application is a good compromise among flexibility, low cost, easiness to use and an excellent cleaning result. The Hydro Plus systems can be equipped with the rotation or tilting of the pieces, plunged ramp to allow the de-chipping work and also with automatic devices to upload and download the pieces at reduced high.

Lavatrice grandi manufattiCleaning machines for big pieces
The CBplus cleaning systems series are dedicated to the washing of medium and large pieces with complex dimensions. The vertical plan rotation allow the continuous filling and emptying of cavities, ducts and sottosquadra if present. So they are excellent for the degreasing and the shavings evacuation. The pieces can be put in a basket that is plugged in the rotating basket-holder. Otherwise, they can be positioned and stopped to the rotating drum. This last solution is used above all for large and heavy pieces when the production is from low to medium. As well as for the rotating table cabin, these machines can be equipped with different steps of treatment.

Synchro 01Gli impianti di lavaggio serie Synchro sono una soluzione di lavaggio flessibile e produttiva allo stesso tempo, in quanto idonei al lavaggio in cesti di molteplici tipologie di manufatti. Il completo ciclo di trattamento e l’esclusiva soluzione impiantistica rendono le Synchro capaci di trattare materiali ferrosi e non ferrosi in grandi quantità. ll ciclo di lavaggio, ad acqua e detergente, è completo di risciacqui e asciugatura, che avviene a circa 50°C. I pezzi vengono continuamente fatti ruotare attorno al proprio asse in modo da ottenere, oltre ad un’alta pulizia, anche una efficace azione di detruciolatura e di asciugatura. Le Synchro possono funzionare con ultrasuoni o con spruzzi o tramite entrambi i sistemi. Sono utilizzabili in sostituzione delle macchine a tunnel,
garantendo una migliore qualità di lavaggio con produzione analoga o superiore, potendo essere dotate di sistemi di carico e scarico automatizzati.