Impianti di lavaggio a ultrasuoni, vasche ad ultrasuoni, macchine lavametalli ad acqua e a solvente, impianti di fosfatazione, impianti galvanici e lavatrici industriali in genere anche speciali.

Who we are

PADA has been working in the field of surfaces treatments for many years, producing machines and products dedicated to metal trimming. Our know-how is dated 1968, when the current president began to make interesting professional experience in washing systems and in particular in ultrasound cleaning machines. Thank to the expertise of our development and research office we can be considered a reference from the technological point of view. To demonstrate this statement we can quote the Cavitometro and our very high performance ultrasound transducers (to be plunged or not).
Our production:
-Ultrasonic cleaning tanks.
-Cavitometro for the measurement of the ultrasound cleaning systems efficiency ( Cavitation power meter ).
-Ultrasound generators and transducers (also immersible for galvanic industry).
-Ultrasound washing machines.
-Spray washing installations.
-Customized washing machines.
-Vacuum degreasing machines with water or solvents.
-Mix industrial washing systems cycle: ultrasound and spray.
-Galvanic plants.
-Industrial washer for wire.